Painted: Blood Angels Primaris Lieutenant

File_003 (11).jpeg

I figured I was due a reward after painting up my ten Intercessors, so I decided to delve into what was probably my favorite mini in the box: the Primaris Lieutenant with a power sword. I loved everything about the mini, from its pose to its armament, to the fact that it wasn’t overly loaded down with bling.

More pics after the break.

File_000 (34).jpeg

I added some choice bits to it before painting, including the large single-winged Blood Angels icon to the right shoulder – this has long been one of my favorite Blood Angels bits and I’ve decided to put it on all of my command models (right shoulder for Lieutenants and other HQ models, left shoulder for Captains and above). I also added a small backpack icon and the pteruges from the Space Marine Commander box, which necessitated moving small reliquary that was on the mini’s waist to the left a little bit to make room for the pteruges. The pteruges look great and add to the model’s sense of movement.

File_001 (12).jpeg

Painting was a straightforward affair and I followed the recipe I used for my Intercessors. After some deliberation I decided to give him a gold helmet. I know Lieutenants from other Chapters have to make due with simple helmet stripes, but I thought he deserved to stand out a bit more.

File_002 (10).jpeg

I also gave him the black shoulder pads of a Sergeant, as I figured this was something all ranking Marines should have – why should he have red shoulder pads if Sergeants have black ones? Thankfully the transfer sheet that came with the box had gold chapter icons to go with the command theme.

With the Lieutenant painted I can now field my Primaris on their own as a detachment. I think they’ll be taking the field alongside my Crimson Fists until such time as I get enough of them together to form a Battalion of their own. Looking forward to adding a Repulsor and a chubby-Dreadnought to their ranks…

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