December 11th GW Game Day – Rynn’s World

IMG_0061 (1)
Pedro Kantor watches as the Orks crash into the thin blue line.

It’s been a busy couple of months for me (getting married and touring Korea and Japan tends to take up some of your time) so my apologies for the lack of content on the blog. Thankfully, the stars aligned and I was able to play a game with Matt and Harry before the inevitable Christmas rush. We played to 1250 points, and the mission we rolled up was the Scouring.

Plenty more pics after the break!

I adapted my 30k Crimson Fists into a 40k Battalion detachment, adding a ten-man Intercessor squad with assault bolters that I have painted for my new successor chapter (more details on those later).

A Tactical Squad’s lascannon gets the Crimson Fists off to a good start, scoring 6 wounds on the Ork Battlewagon (thanks to a command re-roll).
Unfortunately, the good shooting rolls end there, as the Sternguard emerge from their drop pods to unleash a withering hail of… nothing, despite re-rolls from both Pedro and his lieutenant.
The Sternguard miss with pretty much everything, allowing the boys and their Warboss to charge in unscathed.

The first couple of turns went poorly, with my two Sternguard squads failing to do much damage despite all their combi-weapons and special-issue bolters. Thankfully, the re-rolls provided by Pedro Kantor and his lieutenant, combined with a counter attack from my Intercessors, were able to wipe out the Warboss’s mob while Pedro himself took out the Warboss. The other Sternguard squad fared better than its brother squad, defeating the Trukk mob that had charged it via a combination of overwatch and close combat. I was lucky enough to be sitting on the Superior objective (worth 4 points) from the start, and with his forces dwindling, so Matt decided to concede.

With the Sternguard gone, the Intercessors shoot and counter-charge the Orks, wiping out the mob while Pedro and his lieutenant slay the Warboss.

The MVPs of the game were no doubt Pedro and his lieutenant, who used their central position to provide re-rolls to hit and wound to pretty much all my units, which was helpful considering the number of natural 1s I rolled. Also praiseworthy were the ten man Intercessor squad, who provided a great counter attack unit. The key to Primaris marines really is taking them in ten man blocks where their durability and volume of fire/attacks really shines through. I was taking them in five man combat squads with my Blood Angels and I found that they got wiped way too easily.

An Intercessor… intercessing?

Very fun game and proof that you should never give up on a game. Things were looking pretty grim after that first turn, but Pedro’s boys showed some real Crimson Fists spirit and hung in there. Well fought, Matt!

Bonus pic: the roof of Matt’s stretch-Taurox (counts as a battlewagon). The pair of empty boots is a cute touch 🙂 More details and pics of his gorgeous Orks at


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