Painted: Ultramarines Master of Signal


I knew whilst building my Ultramarine 30k army that one of my HQ choices just had to be a Master of Signal. I love the idea of an HQ model that isn’t your standard heroic figure in the midst of combat, shouting his head off whilst pointing his sword defiantly at an unseen enemy. In contrast, this model would be standing on a high vantage point just behind the front lines, directing his troops via the comm net, or perhaps relaying coordinates for an artillery or orbital strike to an off-board artillery battery or orbiting battlecruiser.

The Forge World Master of Signal model always struck me as being, well, not very heroic, what with him posed (presumably) keying bombardment coordinates into his wrist mounted keyboard. His helmet looked kind of odd too, what with the enlarged rear portion that made him look like an alien ant space marine. On top of that, making a Forge World order at all was out of the question, with our dollar being so crappy, and with funds urgently needed to finance a trip to Japan later this year.

So I built my own Master of Signal with bits I already had. More pics after the break!

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Painted: Ultramarines Veteran Tactical Squad


After my first taste of 30k with my Luna Wolves I considered myself fully bitten by the Horus Heresy bug. I picked up another Betrayal at Calth box that same day, with the aim of creating a dedicated 30k army. Two new armies in the space of three months? Sure, why not?

The choice eventually boiled down to Blood Angels (because I love their lore and already have a 40k Blood Angels army, so I could swap bits and pieces), Ultramarines (because I like blue marines), Sons of Horus (with that snazzy, unique turquoise scheme) and Alpha Legion (because Alpha Legion).

Spoiler alert – I picked Ultramarines. More pics after the break!

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