GW Game Day – May 4th, 2016


Being anxious to get newly painted elements of my Ultramarines some game action, I set up a game with my usual gaming buddy Matt. The mission we rolled was an Eternal War Purge the Alien game, which meant no objectives aside from victory points. Just the kind of mission I was looking for!

Below is a quick rundown of my 2500 point 30k Ultramarines List:

Praetor (Pride of the Legion) + 7 Invictus Suzerains (w/ Legion Banner)
Master of Signal Consul

Contemptor Mortis (w/ dual Kheres)

2x 10-man Veteran Tactical Squads (1 w/ Rhino)
15-man Legion Tactical Squad (proxied by “allied” Luna Wolves)

Fast Attack:
10-man Seeker Squad (w/ Rhino)
2x Land Speeders (in squadron)
5-man Locutarus Storm Squad

Heavy Support:
Legion Vindicator
Legion Whirlwind Scorpius

I built the army around shooting, with some choice counter-charge units in the Praetor + Suzerains and the Storm Squad. This was my first game with a large number of template weapons in my army, and I was lucky enough to roll the Warlord Trait that gives them Shred, although I forgot to use this most of the time 😦

Find out how it did against Matt’s Emperor’s Children (led by Fulgrim!) after the break.

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