Painted: Vindicare Assassin

Not compensating at all!

In the process of building up my 1850 pt. Luna Wolves list, I found myself with roughly 150 points to spare. With a game the next day against Matt and Harry (see previous entry), I started to pore over my unpainted models and came across the Vindicare Assassin from the Execution Force box I had bought last year but never got around to painting.

Thankfully, I had the White Dwarf that contained rules for using these guys in 40k, and what do you know – it cost 150 points exactly. Huzzah!

More pics and thoughts on the model’s tabletop abilities after the break.

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GW Game Day – January 15

The Luna Wolves army seconds before being picked apart by Blood Angels.

I had the opportunity yesterday to enjoy some great games of 40k and 30k at the local Games Workshop with my usual gaming partners, Matt and Harry. This being my first time out with my newly painted Luna Wolves (using the Space Wolves codex), I was looking forward to seeing how they would perform on the table.

Spoiler alert: the Luna Wolves got demolished in 40k. But thankfully, they did a little better in 30k – more after the break.

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Hello, world!

Hello, and thank you for stumbling upon this particular corner of the internet! Come, stay awhile and listen.

Wargaming and the painting of little plastic and metal men has been part of my life since I was a wee lad in junior high school; I’ve left and re-joined the hobby over the years, but I’ve recently rediscovered my passion for the hobby and wanted to have a place where I could document my successes (and failures) on the painting table and the table top. So here we are!

Most of my posts will be either Warhammer 40k or Bolt Action related, although there may be the odd post from new games as I expand my tabletop gaming horizons.

Either way, prepare to see lots of different shades of power armor, along with some poorly painted WWII Americans. 🙂