Painted: Raven Guard Assault Squad

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The Raven Guard are firmly establishing themselves on my work bench, with a 10 man Assault Squad being my latest completed addition to its ranks. On the board they complete my Demi Battle Company, whilst acting as a bodyguard for my Chapter Master and hopefully getting some kills along the way.

More pics and discussion after the break!

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Painted: Raven Guard Ironclad Dreadnought

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In building my Raven Guard list, I knew I needed some sort of anti-armor element in addition to the Devastators. Most anti-armor options available to Space Marines take the form of armor themselves; however, this would be out of place in my otherwise drop-focused list. I needed something that could drop in with the rest of the troops, right where I needed it, hopefully on the very first turn.

Enter: the Ironclad Dreadnought. It performed admirably in its first outing, where it was proxied by my Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought – this only cemented its place in my list. I ran out and bought one that weekend. More thoughts on the unit and pics of the paint job after the break.

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GW Game Day – August 17th, 2016: The Rainbow Coalition of Marines

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I had a chance to field my first iteration of a Raven Guard list yesterday against Matt, and as is usually the case with test lists, a good portion of it was proxied by Marines from my other armies. The full list and the results of my first game after the break.

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Painted: Stormcast Eternal Liberators


As per my previous entry, I’ve recently made the dive into the Age of Sigmar world, thanks partly due to some peer “pressure” (although really, all it takes is a slight nudge to convince me to buy more minis) and the need to satisfy the slowly growing curiosity I had for building an army that didn’t have bolters, power armor, or even one that was in the same universe. Time will tell if I scrap this project and return to my love affair with power armor, but for now I’m quite content with my first steps into the world of Azyr.

More pics of my first Age of Sigmar minis after the break.

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Weekly Forecast: Storms

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Damn you, Matt and Harry.

I did get all ten of the Liberators from the above starter set painted (and was pleasantly surprised with the models and the painting results), so a post detailing my first foray into the world of Age of Sigmar should be coming up soon.