Painted: Raven Guard Battle Demi-Company


In a surprisingly short time frame (a month and a half, maybe two?) I’ve completed my Raven Guard Battle Demi-Company. Assembling and painting them was an absolute joy, and on the board they will form the core of my 1850 point Talon Strike Force list.

My list and a squad-by-squad look (including the online debut of my Chapter Master!) after the break.

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Game Day – September 11th, 2016: Raven Guard vs. Giant Robots


Matt was kind enough to invite us to his place for some miniature warfare yesterday, and I jumped at the opportunity to christen my newly painted Raven Guard units in a pair of games against Harry’s battlesuit-heavy Tau list and Matt’s mech Blood Angels list. Two very close games were the result, one a close victory and the other a close loss. I was competitive in both games and didn’t get blown out of the water as in previous games – all in all a decent showing for the sons of Corax!

I didn’t take too many pics (too engrossed in throwing dice), but I do have some general observations of my list and the changes I will likely make to it after the break.

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