The Warmaster Part 1 – Cleanup

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My cousin was able to fulfill a childhood dream of his a couple of weeks ago with a visit to Warhammer World – a dream I hope to fulfill myself someday soon. Thankfully, he was able to bring back a present at my request; a small black box that happened to have The Warmaster in it.

Opportunities to get my hands on Forge World items, much less one hand picked from Warhammer World itself, are few and far between. I wanted a memorable mini, one that could form a centrepiece not just for my Sons of Horus, but one that could also serve as the culmination of my almost 20 years in the hobby. What better choice than the Warmaster himself?

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Yesterday I took the first steps on what I hope will be an eventful and rewarding journey. After carefully unboxing the mini and spending more than a few minutes marveling at the detail, I gave the pieces a soak and cleanup in warm soapy water as per the included Forge World assembly guide. As per my cousin’s advice (he picked up Leman Russ, and has already started work on it) I left it in the soapy water to soak overnight.

I had attempted to attach both the Warmaster’s arms to his torso yesterday, but the glue I used didn’t quite adhere the way I’d wished it would. Time to drop by the hobby store on my way home tomorrow to pick up some super glue…