Painted: Sons of Horus Veteran Tactical Squad

File_000 (14).jpeg

I completed my 31st trip around the sun earlier this month, and as is human custom I was given what us humans call “birthday gifts”; none of them were more surprising than the brand new Betrayal at Calth box that my girlfriend insisted she buy me after we visited a local hobby store on my birthday.

Huzzah, more marines! Pictures and painting details after the break.

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The Wonders of a Wet Palette

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A confession: up until last night, I got paint on my brush by dipping it straight into the pot. Like a goddamn savage.

I’ve long heard of the wonders of a wet palette, but have long been intimidated by the cost/hassle/presumed difficulty of using one. Then I came across these ridiculously easy DIY instructions from Guslado’s Games and decided to take the plunge.

And boy, does it make a difference. It’s like a whole new world. My paint is constantly the right consistency, the paint on the palette takes forever to dry out (meaning a lesser amount lasts longer), and I’m able to get thinner, more consistent colors particularly when edge highlighting.

I used to groan at the thought of edge highlighting; my paint would always dry out too soon, even whilst on the brush, and the consistency of my lines would always suffer for it. Now it’s not nearly the chore it used to be. If you aren’t using a wet palette, I suggest you should. I say without any hyperbole that using a wet palette has represented the single largest jump in my painting quality since I started using washes.