Painted: Raven Guard Battle Demi-Company


In a surprisingly short time frame (a month and a half, maybe two?) I’ve completed my Raven Guard Battle Demi-Company. Assembling and painting them was an absolute joy, and on the board they will form the core of my 1850 point Talon Strike Force list.

My list and a squad-by-squad look (including the online debut of my Chapter Master!) after the break.


Raven Guard Battle Demi-Company – 1400 pts


  • Chapter Master Locke
    • Swiftstrike and Murder, jump pack, artificer armor


  • Tactical Squad Cloud
    • Veteran Sergeant, plasma gun, drop pod

File_000 (12).jpeg

  • Tactical Squad Squall
    • Veteran Sergeant, plasma gun, drop pod

File_003 (3).jpeg

  • Tactical Squad Zidane
    • Veteran Sergeant, plasma gun, drop pod

File_004 (3).jpeg

  • Assault Squad Tidus
    • Veteran Sergeant w/ power weapon, x2 flamers, jump packs


  • Devastator Squad Vaan
    • x2 grav cannon, x2 lascannon, drop pod

File_001 (3).jpeg

  • Ironclad Dreadnought – Brother Auron
    • seismic hammer, x2 heavy flamer, drop pod


At a tidy 1400 points on the dot, I’m left with 450points  to play around with for auxiliary formations (currently, this is my Shadowstrike Kill Team). They’ve performed quite admirably on the board, with one win, one loss, and one draw to their credit. I suspect that once I get the hang of how to best deploy them from their drop pods, they’ll be a formidable force indeed.

I decided to go with full ten-man squads, particularly for the Tactical Squads, as they would form the core of the demi-company and I wanted to both maximize the amount of firepower they could produce during during the alpha strike as well as provide a measure of survivability as the turns go on. I wanted my squads to be able to take a casualty or two and still be a viable force. I also wanted to force my opponents to really dedicate themselves to wiping out squads – erasing ten marines from cover can be a difficult proposition at times.

I’m quite happy with the way the models look from a painting perspective, and am even more surprised by how quickly the entire force came together. Previously, using edge-highlighting and other time-consuming methods, painting up a force the size of this one would have taken months; conversely, the above minis took a little over a month from sprue to completed.  As readers have no doubt noticed I’ve grown quite fond of the “over-wash” method, both for its muted, more realistic look and the extreme speed at which it lets you get minis painted.

Next up: the hammer of my force  – the Shadowstrike Kill Team 🙂


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