November 9th GW Game Day: Sons of Macragge!


My brand new Sons of Horus took the field for the first time a couple of weeks back, and with the army being only semi-completed I had to rely on the good ol’ Ultramarines to make up the 2500 points. I fielded Abaddon and ten Justaerin teleporting in, along with three Veteran Tactical Squads (two ranged with Marksmen, one with power weapons and Weapon Master) mounted in Rhinos and backed up by a Vindicator. The Ultramarines contingent consisted of a Consul accompanied by Invictarus Suzerains in a Rhino, a Legion Tactical Squad in a Rhino, and the good ol’ Sicaran, which was nothing but disappointing in every game I’ve used it in thus far. Matt fielded 1250 points of his Emperor’s Children, allied with Harry’s 1250 points of Night Lords.

I ended up winning the game, although I have some lucky dice on my part and some un-lucky dice rolling on the part of Matt and Harry to thank. It was my first time playing a fully mechanized force in 30k and I figured the best tactic would be to use my mobility to swamp the objectives with bodies and get stuck into close combat and close-ranged firefights, where the Sons of Horus rules and my squads’ equipment loadouts (BS5, Strength 5, Assault 3, Rending heavy bolters is nothing to scoff at!) would excel.

File_000 (19).jpeg

Of particular note were the ten-man Justaerin squad led by Abaddon, which attracted and soaked up a metric F-ton of fire while still managing to do some major damage in close combat. Two wounds each and a 2+/4++ save tends to keep models on the board. Even if all they did was get shot at, they still distracted attention from my Veteran squads, who were able to mop up opposing infantry and get dug in on the objectives. The Justaerin’s offensive contributions were really just a bonus.

The Sicaran also (finally) turned in a good performance, getting some key kills on infantry and light /medium vehicles alike. I’ve finally realized that the best way to use this thing is to take advantage of its speed and keep it moving, hopefully positioning it in a way that would let me get some shots on the side and rear of vehicles. The strength 7 of its autocannon isn’t that intimidating at first glance, but with 6 twin-linked rending shots on side and rear armor it’s more than capable of doing some damage.

All in all a fun game with friends, and really that’s all that I can ask. 🙂

Bonus: Brother Luckarius warns his fellow battle brothers of the treacherous Vindicator that claimed the lives of the rest of his squad:

File_000 (18).jpeg

GW Game Day – May 4th, 2016


Being anxious to get newly painted elements of my Ultramarines some game action, I set up a game with my usual gaming buddy Matt. The mission we rolled was an Eternal War Purge the Alien game, which meant no objectives aside from victory points. Just the kind of mission I was looking for!

Below is a quick rundown of my 2500 point 30k Ultramarines List:

Praetor (Pride of the Legion) + 7 Invictus Suzerains (w/ Legion Banner)
Master of Signal Consul

Contemptor Mortis (w/ dual Kheres)

2x 10-man Veteran Tactical Squads (1 w/ Rhino)
15-man Legion Tactical Squad (proxied by “allied” Luna Wolves)

Fast Attack:
10-man Seeker Squad (w/ Rhino)
2x Land Speeders (in squadron)
5-man Locutarus Storm Squad

Heavy Support:
Legion Vindicator
Legion Whirlwind Scorpius

I built the army around shooting, with some choice counter-charge units in the Praetor + Suzerains and the Storm Squad. This was my first game with a large number of template weapons in my army, and I was lucky enough to roll the Warlord Trait that gives them Shred, although I forgot to use this most of the time 😦

Find out how it did against Matt’s Emperor’s Children (led by Fulgrim!) after the break.

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Painted: Ultramarines Apothecary

After having painted my Master of Signal I wasn’t quite ready to return to painting another block of infantry, so I decided to paint another (semi) character – an Apothecary. I had a Command Squad box lying around with the required bits, and figured giving one of my larger infantry blocks a Feel No Pain save would be useful, so I got to building.

More details and pics after the break.

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Painted: Ultramarines Master of Signal


I knew whilst building my Ultramarine 30k army that one of my HQ choices just had to be a Master of Signal. I love the idea of an HQ model that isn’t your standard heroic figure in the midst of combat, shouting his head off whilst pointing his sword defiantly at an unseen enemy. In contrast, this model would be standing on a high vantage point just behind the front lines, directing his troops via the comm net, or perhaps relaying coordinates for an artillery or orbital strike to an off-board artillery battery or orbiting battlecruiser.

The Forge World Master of Signal model always struck me as being, well, not very heroic, what with him posed (presumably) keying bombardment coordinates into his wrist mounted keyboard. His helmet looked kind of odd too, what with the enlarged rear portion that made him look like an alien ant space marine. On top of that, making a Forge World order at all was out of the question, with our dollar being so crappy, and with funds urgently needed to finance a trip to Japan later this year.

So I built my own Master of Signal with bits I already had. More pics after the break!

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Painted: Ultramarines Veteran Tactical Squad


After my first taste of 30k with my Luna Wolves I considered myself fully bitten by the Horus Heresy bug. I picked up another Betrayal at Calth box that same day, with the aim of creating a dedicated 30k army. Two new armies in the space of three months? Sure, why not?

The choice eventually boiled down to Blood Angels (because I love their lore and already have a 40k Blood Angels army, so I could swap bits and pieces), Ultramarines (because I like blue marines), Sons of Horus (with that snazzy, unique turquoise scheme) and Alpha Legion (because Alpha Legion).

Spoiler alert – I picked Ultramarines. More pics after the break!

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