Painted: Ezekyle “Abigail” Abaddon

File_004 (8)

When starting up my Sons of Horus, I knew I wanted a large contingent of Justaerin in it. The 10-man terminator-armored deathstar seems to be a pretty big thing in Heresy armies, and what unit screams “deathstar” more than 2+/4+ 2W terminators? The only thing was, Heresy terminators can’t teleport into combat like their more modern counterparts can, and my termies certainly weren’t going to hoof it on foot like peasants. My choices were A) buy some expensive resin from Forge World or B) slog it across the board on foot whilst the rest of my mechanized army sped forward in Rhinos and left my big expensive 500 point unit behind.

…or secret option C) – take the pre-armless version of 40k’s Despoiler and teleport my termies in for free! Plus I could easily convert an Abaddon using bits I already had, once again eliminating the need for expensive resin! Huzzah!

More pics of my conversion after the break.

File_000 (25)

I had two (or was it three?) versions of Betrayal at Calth’s Captain Aethon lying around, which makes for a pretty good base for a terminator-armored hero model with just some minor conversion work. In this case I added a power sword from the old Assault Marine box and a pointing powerfist from the Cataphractii box, along with a random marine head and a topknot from a Chaos marine helmet. I trimmed down Aethon’s gorget to make room for Abby’s new head, and in retrospect I probably should have done a better job of doing so because the end result looks pretty rough and uneven. Oh well.

File_001 (9)

I had considered using a larger power sword for this model as the one I ended up using looks rather small and not very befitting of the First Captain of the XVIth Legion, but I ended up keeping it because its small size only made Abaddon look larger by comparison – and we all know Abby’s a big boy in the lore. Furthermore, in the rules it’s a simple power sword (the First Captain didn’t even deserve a master-crafted one, apparently), so I didn’t want it to look too fancy.

The base is a third-party one and I honestly don’t know what company made it as I kind of randomly found it in my bits box. I do like the jutting spurs of rock, however, and how they look similar to the Chaos star. Foreshadowing!

File_002 (8)

I decided to paint up the two shields on Abby’s shoulders in Luna Wolves and Sons of Horus colors to show the progression of the Legion. Is it canonical? Probably not. But it adds a splash of history and color to an otherwise monotone color scheme, so I didn’t mind it. Plus the shields aren’t front and center on the model so it’s not like they distract the eye or anything.

File_007 (3)

Above is as close a picture of the face as I could get with my iPhone 6 camera. I’m quite proud of the way the face turned out, and my recent successes with painting bare heads has really spurred me to use more of them in my armies, as unrealistic and impractical they may be in terms of warfare. With Abby’s case I followed my standard Cadian Fleshtone>Reikland Fleshsade>Cadian Fleshtone recipe, with an added highlight of Pallid Wych Flesh. The key really is to be sparing with your highlights and just add little dots or strips of color on the highest points of skin. Having a great brush (I personally use GW’s small artificer brush) with a tiny point helps tremendously. I finished off the head with a Dawnstone/Lahmian Medium mix to represent hair stubble, as taught by one of GW Duncan’s great tutorial videos.

File_005 (5)

Above, Abby faces off against my Loken conversion – who needs Forge World when you have the character models from Betrayal at Calth? 😛

File_006 (2)

Game-wise Abby is the rightful warlord of my Sons of Horus, teleporting in with his Justaerin buddies usually in the second turn (Sons of Horus re-roll 1s when rolling for reserves, which essentially turns the 3+ reserve roll into a 2+ reserve roll). I usually put them right in the thick of things, and they usually attract more than their fair share of punishment, allowing the rest of my mechanized forces to get into position. In the games I’ve fielded them they’ve usually more than made up their points back in units they’ve slain, whilst also soaking up wounds and shooting that would have otherwise been directed at my squishy units. I can say for certain that they’ve outright won me at least two games, all on their own.

With Abigail done and painted and having finished my Praetor the week previous, I’ve now painted everything that I have assembled for my Sons of Horus. I do have a mystery box of plastic that I bought ages ago that I’ve now decided will be painted in the XVIth Legion’s sea green, so stay tuned to find out what comes of it…


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