Painted: Sons of Horus Praetor

File_000 (24).jpeg

The past couple of months have been quite busy with life-related events (got married!), but I’ve still found time here and there for some hobbying. My 30k Sons of Horus and 30k/40k Crimson Fists remain my primary focus, with the above Praetor conversion being my latest addition to my 30k Traitors.

More pics and details after the break.

File_002 (7).jpeg

With my Sons of Horus being a primarily mechanized force I wanted a character who could keep up with all the mounted or deep striking infantry – I also wanted to ensure he was tough enough in close combat to handle small squads of backfield specialist marines, while also being able to take out the odd unsupported vehicle with his meltabombs.

This meant he needed a jump pack (sourced from a Sanguinary Guard box, the jump packs of which are becoming increasingly rare these days on eBay), some sort of Sons of Horus-esque power weapon to stand in as a Paragon Blade, and other assorted bits to make sure he looked like a member of the XVIth.

File_004 (7).jpeg

The necessary bits came from a mixture of random stuff I had lying around in my bits box – I believe the axe is from the Chaos Terminator Lord – I have no idea where the chains and skulls came from. The plasma pistol, dagger, and spiked skull atop his jump pack came from the Chaos Marines box, as did the topknot. The left arm holding the axe aloft is from, I believe, the Company Champion’s power sword arm from the Space Marine Command Squad box. The rubble on the base came from the new Assault Marine box.

File_003 (10).jpeg

A quick paint job later and the Praetor was ready to take his place amongst the rest of my little part of the XVI Legion. I will likely be deep striking him somewhere into the backfield where he will hopefully take out things like heavy weapon squads and artillery vehicles, whilst still being able to jump into a combat to lend some S5 AP2 I5 attacks to the melee if needed.

Next up: a conversion for Abaddon – or, as my gaming group has named him, Abigail!


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