February 1st GW Game Day – Cometh the Red Angel

File_000 (23).jpeg
Loyalist deployment, clockwise from top: Loken + Justaerin, Vindicator, Marksmen Veteran Squad, Sicaran, Marksmen Veteran Squad, Weapon Masters Veteran Squad, plus Seekers in the Bastion in the middle.

Matt, Harry and I are in the midst of an ongoing Horus Heresy campaign – today’s mission was the Phase I Legendary Battle of the Istvaan series. This mission gave me 2000 points of Loyalists (represented by my Sons of Horus w/ some borrowed armored elements from my Ultramarines and some Seekers from Matt’s Emperor’s Children) and a fortified position, facing off against 3000 points of Traitors (represented here by my Luna Wolves standing in as World Eaters and Harry’s Night Lords)… led by Matt’s converted Angron (more pics and details on that later!).

My Loyalists held the line in a fantastic game – more details after the break.

File_001 (8).jpeg
Matt’s gorgeously painted Emperor’s Children standing in as a Loyalist Seeker Squad. They performed admirably, as their Scorpius ammo (S5 AP2 Shred) reaped quite a toll on the Traitors.

My 2000 points consisted of three Sons of Horus Veteran Tactical Squads, accompanied by a Sicaran, Vindicator, and ten Seekers (represented by Matt’s Emperor’s Children, above). Leading the force was Garviel Loken (represented by my old Luna Wolves captain mini) and six Justaerin (yes, I know there probably weren’t Loyalist Justaerin, but just go with it :P).

The game started predictably, with Matt’s World Eaters and Harry’s Night Lords charging headlong into my fortress. Matt’s two Contemptors and Harry’s drop podding Contemptor were a major challenge, with Matt’s Contemptors making short work of my Sicaran and Harry’s Contemptor wrecking a squad of my Veterans.

File_003 (8).jpeg
Harry’s Night Lords Contemptor butchers a Veteran Squad as Loken and his Justaerin bodyguard rush to fill the breach.

The biggest threat, however, was Angron and his bodyguard of Terminators, and I made it a priority to point every gun I could at him and his unit to try and keep him from reaching my fotress. To this end, a Veteran Tactical Squad, the Sicaran and the Seekers poured fire into his unit for two consecutive turns, and succeeded in wiping out his bodyguard and leaving the Red Angel with just one wound remaining.

Bloodied but not broken, Angron charged my Veteran Tactical Squad…

File_002 (6).jpeg
Angron’s charge into my lines ends with his death, as I rolled two 6s to hit on Overwatch, then wounded on a 4+ thanks to the Veterans’ Marksmen special rule (that confers the Sniper rule to their shooting), resulting in two wounds that Matt failed to save on Angron’s 3+ armor.

…only to be cut down by Overwatch fire. It was an ignoble end for the Primarch, and one that likely tipped the scales of the game in my favor as it gave me a ton of VPs.

File_004 (6).jpeg
“Hold the line!”

Elsewhere, Loken and his Justaerin held the line against Harry’s Contemptor, whilst a Deep Striking Jago Sevatar and his bodyguard made short work of my Vindicator. Unsatisfied with merely sealing the breach, Loken and his Justaerin sallied forth to charge a Night Lords Centurion and his Terminator bodyguard, succeeding in wiping them out in a single turn (Loken’s I6 and Paragon Blade are a dangerous combination).

File_005 (4).jpeg
The Loyalist Sons of Horus sergeant faces a dark mirror of himself.

Elsewhere, the lone survivor of the Veteran Squad that killed Angron was forced out of the fortification by a failed morale check, whereupon he was charged by a dark mirror of himself (I purposely built these two models similarly to represent the change from the Luna Wolves to the Sons of Horus). He put up a good fight, but eventually the weight of numbers brought the Primarch-killer down.

File_006 (1).jpeg
Loken and his Justaerin were the MVPs in this game, as they were unstoppable in close combat. Loken’s Paragon Blade (striking at I6) is great for taking out characters or any other units with AP2 weapons, allowing the Justaerin’s power fists to hit unimpeded.

Loken and his Justaerin, at this point my sole surviving unit, disposed of a Night Lords Terror Squad and were themselves charged by Matt’s rampaging Contemptors. They were locked in combat as the turn ended and we rolled to see if the battle would go on… and thankfully for me (as Sevatar and his Terminators were right around the corner), it did not. Had the game continued, Loken and his Justaerin would have been wiped out eventually, leading to my tabling and thus an automatic loss.

The end result was a 12-6 VP victory for my Loyalists, primarily due to taking out Angron (who alone was worth 6 VP). A blast of a game with some interesting mechanics (the terrain set up rules and the Deadly Atmosphere rule that forced re-rolls on armor saves of 6 made for some fun times). Cheers to Matt and Harry for another great night of gaming. The Loyalists stand!

Bonus: a closer look at Matt’s converted Angron model, that he built and painted specifically for this game – and it was painted in a single evening! I believe he used primarily Age of Sigmar Khorne models. Absolutely gorgeous. Go read more about this conversion on his blog here.

File_007 (2).jpeg
“Oh, and I guess I’ll build Angron for the game.” -Matthew Beavis

2 thoughts on “February 1st GW Game Day – Cometh the Red Angel

    1. Thanks Greg! Yeah, Heresy armies look great on the table. I suspect it’s because of how colorful the Legion colors are. Thanks for reading 🙂


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