Painted: Crimson Fists Pedro Kantor Conversion

File_004 (5).jpeg

My fledgling Crimson Fists army needed an HQ choice, and it was obvious right from the second I decided upon the Crimson Fists that Pedro Kantor would be that HQ choice – not only is he the only Crimson Fists named special character, but he’s also closely tied to the Chapter’s recent history, considering his role in the events of Rynn’s World. Taking Pedro would also allow me to theme an army around Sternguard, and we all know how awesome they are.

I’m not overly impressed by the existing GW Pedro Kantor model, so as is often the case with special characters, I decided to convert my own.

More pics and details after the break.

File_003 (7).jpeg

The base model is the Forge World 30k Ultramarines Herald model, which just happened to still be available for sale at the local GW during my last game day there. I knew I could have easily converted Pedro using standard plastic marine parts (of which I have no shortage), but I was also drawn to the idea of using a unique, relatively rare model as the base of the conversion. In my opinion, it was a little on the pricey side for a single model, but such is the cost of Forge World.

The conversion was relatively simple, and involved sticking a variety of plastic marine parts onto the model, including the power fist from the Space Marine Commander box and a combi-bolter (which will count as Pedro’s special Dorn’s Arrow storm bolter) from the Tartaros Terminators sprue. The bare head is also from the Commander sprue, and is probably one of my favorite Space Marine head bits of all time – probably because of how cool that mask/respirator looks.

The right shoulder pad is from the Sternguard box, and the rubble on his base is from the new Assault Squad box – these are great bits for characters in general, for anyone who’s looking to add some detail to character bases. The right arm is a standard Mark 3 right arm from the Mark 3 Burning of Prospero sprues.

File_002 (5).jpeg

I was tempted to leave off the sheathed gladius from the original model, but decided it would make a neat detail on his otherwise featureless left side. The original model’s left arm had the gladius’ grip and pommel modelled on to it, so I added my own from a chainsword.

File_001 (7).jpeg

To be 100% honest, I’m not a huge fan of the original sculpt. The legs are oddly sculpted, being bulkier and flaring outwards at the lower part of the greave, and the torso of the model is oddly thin and short when viewed straight-on. Perhaps the larger proportions of the standard plastic Marine bits I’ve added on to it are exacerbating this a little bit. I’m also not a huge fan of the awkwardly sculpted cloak, which is kind of awkwardly bunched up behind him when it ideally should be flaring outwards around him, Batman style.

The model is big and bulky, however, which gives it a menacing look befitting an HQ model. This will be specially fitting for when I use the model to stand in for Alexis Polux in 30k, who is constantly described as being a giant, even for Marine standards. I will likely go back and magnetize the model’s right arm to carry a storm shield – the likely donor bit being one of the Custodes shields from the Burning of Prospero box.

Regardless of it’s faults I’m still quite happy with the way it turned out; the awkward, oddly proportioned look of the model are the very same things that help it stand out. I won’t be playing any games for the rest of the year due to the holidays, but hopefully Pedro/Alexis will lead their men to many a victory in 2017…

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