Painted: Crimson Fists Tartaros Terminators


I was mostly looking forward to the Mark III marines in the new Prospero box, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how wonderful the Tartaros Terminators are. They have all the imposing, threatening bulk of standard Indomitus Terminators, but with a sleek, clean style that really makes it obvious that they are a more advanced design of armor.

Neither my Ultramarines (no need for more assault units) nor my Sons of Horus (10 Justaerin are enough) really needed more Terminators , so I decided to paint them up in the colors of my newest army – the Crimson Fists. More pictures and discussion after the break.

File_004 (4).jpeg

Since I’d be using these minis in 30k (using Imperial Fist legion rules) as well as 40k, I wanted a loadout that would work in both systems. I also wanted to take advantage of the fact that Imperial Fists are one of two legions that could take storm shields; since 40k Assault Terminators were armed with thunder hammers to accompany their shields, the other equipment choice was decided for me.

Both the thunder hammers and the storm shields come from the Vanguard Veteran box, with the left hands shaved off the back of the shields and then glued directly to the left handed Tartaros power fists (as no power fist-less left arms exist for the Tartaros, in plastic at least). I was a little weary of sticking a shield on top of an already bulky power fist, but it looks a lot better than I thought it would and actually makes the shield arm look that much more imposing. The thunder hammers were paired easily with the standard Tartaros combi-bolter right arm (the angle of those combi-bolter arms allows for some really dynamic posing with the thunder hammers).

I added some purity seals (30k oaths of moment?) here and there as well as a couple of additional bits on the Sergeant to help him stand out, but nothing too crazy as I didn’t want to obscure the clean, sleek design of the armor.

File_001 (6).jpeg

The paint scheme was the same as I had outlined with my first Crimson Fist model – Nuln Oil and Calgar Blue over a Kantor Blue basecoat. Red followed the classic recipe of Agrax Earthshade and Evil Sunz Skarlet over a Mephiston Red basecoat. I finally gathered up the courage to do some slight weathering on the models, with a light drybrush of Steel Legion Drab around the legs and some scratches here and there on the armor with Abaddon Black highlighted with Calgar Blue.

File_005 (3).jpeg

I’m slowly getting better and freehanding the Crimson Fist chapter icon, even if the end result is a little more cartoony than the straight edged military symbol of the decals and artwork. I’m more than happy with the way they look, though, and it sure beats having to work with decals or buy specific shoulder pads.


I’m quite happy with the way these turned out – I absolutely love the design of the models. On the board I would normally prefer the 4+ invulnerable save of Cataphractii armor (it almost single-handedly won the last game I played), but the 3+ invulnerable save of the storm shields negates that disadvantage while allowing these guys to Sweeping Advance. For any other army I’d probably pick Cataphractii over Tartaros, but storm shields tip the balance in the Tartaros armor’s favor. Yay Imperial Fists!

File_000 (21).jpeg

My Crimson/Imperial Fists will mainly be a shooty army to take advantage of the Disciplined Fire (30k) or Bolter Drill (40k) rules, but I wanted a solid counter-charge unit that could take care of particularly tough vehicles or heavy infantry that got too close. I will likely be teleporting these guys in in both 30k (Imperial Fists Terminators can teleport for 15 points) and 40k, hopefully right in the path of said vehicle or infantry.

File_002 (4).jpeg

Another unit done for my Crimson Fists – I’ve already got a couple of Tactical Squads (Veteran Tacticals in 30k) painted, and already have plans for some Sternguard in Mark IV and a Pedro Kantor conversion lined up. Hopefully I’ll get a good start on Pedro this weekend – I’ll be sure to update with results!





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