WIP: 32k Post-Heresy Crimson Fist in Mark III

File_000 (16).jpeg

I could have easily used the Mark III marines from the Burning of Prospero boxed set to add to one of four Space Marine armies (Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Raven Guard, and Sons of Horus) that I already have. But because I am a madman that is obsessed with painting little plastic men in different colors, I decided to start up a Crimson Fists army.

More pictures of this utter lunacy after the break.

File_003 (5).jpeg

After picking up the Prospero box I spent a few days agonizing over what Chapter/Legion I should paint them up as. I gave heavy thought to Imperial Fists, Death Guard, World Eaters and other Legions that would look great in Mark III power armor. I was leaning heavily towards Imperial Fists and had spent some time looking up painting guides for them. I was set after work yesterday to pick up a can of Army Painter Skeleton Bone spray and some GW Casadora Yellow, which would form the basis of the yellow.

But then the side trip to the local auto parts shop to pick up a new brake light bulb took a little too long, and by the time I was ready to go to the hobby shop they were closed. Dejected, I headed home and stared sadly at my collection of paints, where I came upon an old pot of Kantor Blue. Inspiration struck.

So really, a burnt out brake light bulb is the reason why I’m painting Crimson Fists.

File_001 (5).jpeg

The paint scheme is super simple and consists of a Kantor Blue basecoat, Nuln Oil wash, and Calgar Blue highlights. In retrospect the Calgar Blue looks a bit garish and it could benefit from an intermediate highlight, perhaps of Macragge Blue. I’ll go back and experiment further with it tonight and hammer down the blue before I start painting the rest of the squad.

File_002 (3).jpeg

I was somewhat fearing painting Mark III and the ridiculous amount of edge highlighting all those armor plates and rivets would require, but it actually didn’t end up taking as much time as I thought it would. This is mostly thanks to the fact that 90% of the mini is blue. I will probably go back and add some red heraldry, perhaps with squad markings on the right shoulder pad and a red legion number or something on the right knee pad just to break up all that blue. I’ll also need to freehand paint all the Chapter badges, which admittedly wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and was really just a matter of putting the right shapes in the right arrangement.

The benefit of the Crimson Fists is that I can use them in 40k, of course, and if my gaming partners don’t mind, in 30k as well. Alexis Polux was, after all, their first Chapter Master, and he’s a prominent figure in the Heresy… so all it would take is a simple statement of “this takes place a few years after the Heresy” and I would be good to go. I would, of course, use the Imperial Fists Legion rules in 30k and their Chapter Tactics in 40k.

So yeah, another Marine army. One of the great (or terrible, depending on how you and your wallet feel about it) things about the Calth and Prospero boxes is that they are essentially an army in a box. Pick one up, add in some vehicles/characters/units and suddenly you have the core of a viable Marine army.

Now to paint the other 9 members of the squad…

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