Painted: Sons of Horus Veteran Tactical Squad

File_000 (14).jpeg

I completed my 31st trip around the sun earlier this month, and as is human custom I was given what us humans call “birthday gifts”; none of them were more surprising than the brand new Betrayal at Calth box that my girlfriend insisted she buy me after we visited a local hobby store on my birthday.

Huzzah, more marines! Pictures and painting details after the break.

File_002 (2).jpeg

I’ve been long considering starting up a 30k army, and this unforeseen gift provided me with just that opportunity. After much deliberation I decided upon the Sons of Horus, mostly because they were a welcome change of pace from my 30k Ultramarines both in color scheme (I’d never painted a green army before) and in playing style (I’ll be building them up to be less infantry focused and more mech/armor focused).

The Legion’s particular shade of green tends to vary depending on the source, but I eventually came upon Warhammer TV’s excellent painting guide (boy have has GW been hitting it out of the park lately with their renewed social media strategy). I settled on the below recipe:

  1. prime black
  2. basecoat armor with Mechanicus Standard Grey
  3. basecoat armor with Kabalite Green
  4. basecoat metallic and black areas with Ironbreaker and Abaddon Black
  5. wash entire model with Nuln Oil
  6. clean up/broad highlight armor with Kabalite Green
  7. edge highlight armor with Dawnstone

The GW tutorial suggested washing only the recesses with Nuln Oil, but I found that washing the entirety of the model accomplished two things: it also washed the metal parts, and it allowed for deeper, more gradual shading of the armor plates. A quick clean/base highlight with Kabalite Green and an edge highlight with Dawnstone finished things up nicely (even if it felt odd to highlight green with grey, but far be it from me to second guess the great Duncan Rhodes at GW!).

File_003 (4).jpeg

As with the rest of their color scheme, the Sons of Horus shoulder pad heraldry varied from source to source. I settled with a black/gold combination because it broke up the otherwise boring paint scheme that would result if I had used green. I also figured that the scheme befit their status as veterans, and resolved that if I ever painted a standard tactical squad I’d go with the green pads (whilst keeping the gold rims).

This squad is also the first time I’ve tried weathering. Gaming buddy Matt suggested it was a simple as painting random scratches with Abaddon Black and then highlighting those scratches with your highlight color – and he was right. My next step will be to try drybrushing dust/dirt on the edges of my Rhinos. I may go back and do the same to my infantry if it looks okay on my vehicles.

A good start so far. I’ve already finished up my second Veteran squad, and have made some good progress on my Justaerin… more to come!

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