Painted: Raven Guard Ironclad Dreadnought

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In building my Raven Guard list, I knew I needed some sort of anti-armor element in addition to the Devastators. Most anti-armor options available to Space Marines take the form of armor themselves; however, this would be out of place in my otherwise drop-focused list. I needed something that could drop in with the rest of the troops, right where I needed it, hopefully on the very first turn.

Enter: the Ironclad Dreadnought. It performed admirably in its first outing, where it was proxied by my Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought – this only cemented its place in my list. I ran out and bought one that weekend. More thoughts on the unit and pics of the paint job after the break.


Assembly was rather straightforward, with the one modification I made being magnetizing the model at the waist to allow for ease of transport and some poseability (this also allows me to swing the upper body with fists extended like a rock-em-sock-em robot). I went with the seismic hammer over the chainfist option because I figured with 6 attacks on the charge at strength 10 I’d be getting enough penetrating hits to warrant the AP1 and hopefully ensure an explosion; it also looks a lot more imposing visually, and I’m all about style over substance when it comes to modelling (to my occasional detriment on the game board).


I painted it using the same scheme as my Raven Guard infantry, although after applying the second wash of Nuln Oil I found that it looked a little more light grey than I would have liked – perhaps this is an example of a particular infantry painting technique not translating perfectly when applied to non-infantry models. Thankfully another wash of Nuln Oil darkened the paint sufficiently, although I did have to go back and edge highlight with Eshin Grey as the Dawnstone highlights had become too muted to even notice.


Overall I’m happy with the way the model looks; I wasn’t satisfied initially (I thought I had bungled the paint job when the Dawnstone highlights didn’t come out the way I would have liked) but after giving it some time I’ve come to like it, especially once it’s placed next to my infantry. It’s big and bulky and imposing and it was a nice treat to paint something that wasn’t man-sized.

Game-wise it has a pretty well defined role in the army: drop in, roast some infantry with the double heavy flamers, then rely on AV13 to soak up return fire and charges. If it survives the next turn, then great – if not, that’s a turn the enemy spent killing it and not the meat of my army (the drop and jump infantry). It performed quite well in its first game, when it dropped behind the Ork lines, roasted some boyz, then took a charge from an Ork Dread and a Morkanaut before destroying the Dread and tying up the Morkanaut at the end of the game. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what it can do with an earlier drop, perhaps in the first turn when the bunched-up enemy infantry is more susceptible to the double flamers.

On a completely unrelated note, above is one of my favorite Raven Guard infantry models. I love the “come at me” pose and the random Mark III left lower arm. A worthy bearer for the squad vexilla!

2 thoughts on “Painted: Raven Guard Ironclad Dreadnought

    1. Ironclads are great! That extra point of armor to the front and side really makes a difference.

      A Leviathan is on my FW wish-list… some day!

      Thanks for reading 🙂


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