Painted: Blackshields/Raven Guard Tactical Marines

File_000 (1)

I’ve completed the Mark IV marines I was busy assembling in my previous entry – I ended up building them as generic tactical marines, as I’m still unsettled as to whether I want to go with Blackshields or Raven Guard. I figured both armies could always use some bolter-armed marines, so I went ahead and painted them up and figured the decision could wait until later.

A couple more pics and the painting recipe after the break!

File_000 (2)

They ended up just as well as I’d hoped, and they painted up very quickly, with the entire batch of ten marines taking two sessions of 2-3 hours each to complete from assembly to basing, and that’s including waiting for the two washes to dry. It could very easily be a good evening or afternoon project, which is a far cry from the solid week of work (a couple of hours every night) it took for me to finish a squad of Ultarmarines or Luna Wolves.

I painted them up using the recipe Forge World provided for me via email when I inquired about the Blackshield mini they painted up to advertise their Blackshields decal sheet, but with a few small tweaks:

  1. basecoat Chaos Black spray
  2. paint all armor and boltgun casing with a couple of thin coats of Eshin Grey
  3. wash entire mini with Nuln Oil
  4. drybrush raised areas and do light edge highlighting on sharpest areas with Dawnstone (you can be pretty liberal with the drybrush highlighting as it will be blended together with the second Nuln Oil wash, but you should be a little more sparing with the edge highlights)
  5. paint metal areas with Ironbreaker
  6. paint leather (holster, combat blade straps) with Mournfang Brown
  7. paint gold (skulls, shoulder pads and other details on Sergeant) with Balthasar Gold
  8. wash entire mini with Nuln Oil
  9. highlight metal, leather, and gold parts with Ironbreaker, Mournfang Brown, and Balthasar Gold respectively
  10. paint eyes with Mephiston Red, then highlight with small dot of  Evil Sunz Skarlet

File_000 (3)

As I said, it’s a very, very quick and easy paint scheme that produces some quality results. The black actually looks like black armor, instead of simply being a grey edge highlight over a black undercoat like I used to do. It looks a lot more natural with the tones blending into one another, without the harsh look that edge highlighting sometimes has. The second Nuln Oil wash really darkens the mini to a natural black tone without being unrealistically black, whilst at the same time blending the Dawnstone highlights in with the rest of the armor and keeping the edge highlights from being overly sharp and unrealistic.

The ease at which the minis paint up has made me quite excited about building up the force into an army. Painting up a new squad or two is no longer the daunting chore it used to be, and I can see myself potentially being just a few weeks away from fielding a small force on the table.

The next decision: Raven Guard or Blackshields?


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