GW Game Day – May 4th, 2016


Being anxious to get newly painted elements of my Ultramarines some game action, I set up a game with my usual gaming buddy Matt. The mission we rolled was an Eternal War Purge the Alien game, which meant no objectives aside from victory points. Just the kind of mission I was looking for!

Below is a quick rundown of my 2500 point 30k Ultramarines List:

Praetor (Pride of the Legion) + 7 Invictus Suzerains (w/ Legion Banner)
Master of Signal Consul

Contemptor Mortis (w/ dual Kheres)

2x 10-man Veteran Tactical Squads (1 w/ Rhino)
15-man Legion Tactical Squad (proxied by “allied” Luna Wolves)

Fast Attack:
10-man Seeker Squad (w/ Rhino)
2x Land Speeders (in squadron)
5-man Locutarus Storm Squad

Heavy Support:
Legion Vindicator
Legion Whirlwind Scorpius

I built the army around shooting, with some choice counter-charge units in the Praetor + Suzerains and the Storm Squad. This was my first game with a large number of template weapons in my army, and I was lucky enough to roll the Warlord Trait that gives them Shred, although I forgot to use this most of the time 😦

Find out how it did against Matt’s Emperor’s Children (led by Fulgrim!) after the break.


Matt’s army consisted of two large blocks of tactical marines, one led by Fulgrim and a Legion Champion and the other led by a Praetor. Along with this he brought two Contemptors, an Assault Squad, a Kakophoni Squad, and a heavy weapons Support Squad. Deployment was as above – I decided to bunch my units together in an attempt to maximize my shooting with template weapons and not allow Matt to divide and conquer individual units, which I’ve been guilty of doing in the past due to my poor deployment decisions.


The first couple of turns went about as well as could be expected, with Fury of the Legion, the Scorpius, the Master of Signal’s bombardment, and the Contemptor taking out Matt’s Assault Squad and whittling down Fulgrim’s Tactical Squad bodyguard down to just two men.

Meanwhile, I made the foolish decision to move both of my Veteran Tactical Squads up the right flank, only for the both of them to get shot up/charged by a Contemptor. Both squads accomplished almost nothing the entire game; this was a pretty big tactical error on my part as both squads could have been better served taking and holding cover and firing at Matt’s squads as they advanced. As it was, all they did this game was give Matt two easy victory points.


The big problem, however, was dealing with the rampaging Primarch that was about to charge my lines. Unsurprisingly, he tore through the 15-strong Legion Tactical Squad I threw at him, but this was all part of the plan. You see, I had a 10-man Seeker Squad with 5 combi-plasmas nearby just waiting to shoot him the second he finished with the Tactical Squad…


Unfortunately, Fulgrim couldn’t quite finish off the Tactical Squad in one round, meaning combat went on for another turn and my Seeker Squad simply stood idly by, unable to fire into the combat. Of course, Fulgrim finished off the remains of the Tactical Squad in my own turn, leaving him free to charge and completely demolish the waiting Seeker Squad in Matt’s subsequent turn. Sigh.


This left only one option – charging Fulgrim with my Praetor and his Suzerain bodyguard. Thankfully, I was able to get a couple of lucky wounds on the mighty Primarch with my dual-Kheres Contemptor, but that didn’t make it seem any easier…

The combat went about as well as I could hope for, with my Praetor doing his job by tanking two instant death wounds with his Iron Halo, though he did eventually fall in the subsequent combat round. Thankfully, his bodyguards avenged him:


Some lucky Cutting Strike rolls from my Suzerains eventually brought Fulgrim down, at the cost of 15 Tacticals, my Master of Signal, 10 Seekers, and my Praetor. Huzzah!

Awesome game board and terrain – check. Ghetto smoke made out of a Starbucks receipt to mark a wrecked vehicle? Also check.

Unfortunately, the victory was short lived as my right flank promptly folded like a lawn chair, with my Vindicator being wrecked (but not before landing some nice shots on Matt’s Tacticals and Kakophoni), and the aforementioned Veteran Tactical Squads getting wiped out. My Locutarus Storm Squad, which I also deep striked into the right flank, got mobbed by the same Tactical Squad and accomplished nothing aside from taking out a couple of Kakophoni with plasma pistol shots.

At the end of my fifth turn we rolled to see if the game would continue, and with a roll of a 1, it ended. But who won? After tallying the points, we found that Matt’s Emperor’s Children were victorious with a score of 10-9.

…and the winning point was due to First Blood on one of my Rhinos in Turn 3.


Still, it was an absolute riot of a game that had its fair share of awesome moments. The army as a whole did quite well, with my multiple blast weapons in particular accounting for literal handfuls of enemy models being taken off the board. My major tactical error was attempting to take ground on the right flank when I should have stayed put and shot, particularly as the terrain features were working in my favor by creating killzones; on top of this, there were no objectives to take, so why bother moving out anyway? Oh well – lesson learned.

Full credit to Matt for a game well played, and for an awesome looking Fulgrim model that he’s built up from scratch using an Eldar Avatar! More of his awesome models and his wicked looking Emperor’s Childen can be found at

Cheers Matt, and I shall have my vengeance next time! 😀


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