Painted: Ultramarines Apothecary

After having painted my Master of Signal I wasn’t quite ready to return to painting another block of infantry, so I decided to paint another (semi) character – an Apothecary. I had a Command Squad box lying around with the required bits, and figured giving one of my larger infantry blocks a Feel No Pain save would be useful, so I got to building.

More details and pics after the break.

Aside from the obvious Apothecary bits from the Space Marine Command Squad box the rest of the mini came from Betrayal at Calth’s Mk 4 marine bits. I made sure to choose the helmet with the enhanced eyepiece to represent a medical scanner. Aside from chopping the Apothecary bits off the Mk7 chestplate and adding them to the Mk4, the conversion work was quite minimal.

I posed him advancing forward, not quite on the very front lines (as I presume most medics would be lingering just behind the action, waiting to provide aid as needed) but still ready to spring into action if required. I armed him with a pistol in his hand instead of a close combat weapon, as I reasoned that he could snap off a shot of cover fire here and there whilst remaining in the rear, out of danger.

Painting him was actually quite fun. I resisted painting him all white and instead used the blue/white mixed color scheme of the Ultramarines Apothecary in the Horus Heresy – Retribution book, as it made him stand out just enough to mark him as being important whilst still keeping him somewhat tied in to the general Ultramarine scheme. That Ultramarines Apothecary was named “Theon” in the book, so I’ll name this mini Theon too. Perhaps I should hide a kraken somewhere on his armor…



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