Painted: Vindicare Assassin

Not compensating at all!

In the process of building up my 1850 pt. Luna Wolves list, I found myself with roughly 150 points to spare. With a game the next day against Matt and Harry (see previous entry), I started to pore over my unpainted models and came across the Vindicare Assassin from the Execution Force box I had bought last year but never got around to painting.

Thankfully, I had the White Dwarf that contained rules for using these guys in 40k, and what do you know – it cost 150 points exactly. Huzzah!

More pics and thoughts on the model’s tabletop abilities after the break.


The model itself was extremely easy to paint – I basecoated the entire model with GW Dawnstone, then give it a wash with GW Nuln Oil. I highlighted again with Dawnstone, picked out some details, and there you boom! Done model. Time from picking up the brush to finishing the base was less than two hours, and that included 20 minutes of waiting for the Nuln Oil to dry.

I wanted the Assassin’s bodysuit to match the pillar he was leaning against, to give the impression that he had some sort of Metal Gear Solid 4 style active camo. I picked out the straps and holster in GW Rakarath Flesh, his spy mask with GW Ulthuan Grey, and finally the decorative tassels of his boot dagger with GW Mephiston Red, although now I think I should have chosen a more muted color for that as it kind of draws attention away from the rest of the model (not to mention that it flies in the face of the whole “stealthy camo sniper” angle I was going for). What’s done is done, though, and I’m too lazy to go back and change it.


I ran the Vindicare in one game the next day against Harry’s Night Lords, and he put forward a pretty unconvincing performance. The Vindicare looks pretty threatening on paper, as he represents what is essentially a guaranteed AP2 wound on the model of your choice, or a guaranteed Strength 10 shot on armor… until you realize that he only gets one shot a turn, and if that shot fails to wound or penetrate somehow then that’s one turn (and 150 points) that will stand around doing nothing.

I could see him being useful for taking out squad leaders, heavy weapons troopers, or other such specialists with his 2+ to wound Hellfire shells; alternatively his Strength 10 shot (the hilariosly named Turbo Penetrator) could be useful for popping transports, allowing your infantry to attack the occupants inside. I would be hesitant to use the third of his special shots, the Shield Breaker, as it means he would revert to needing 4s to wound and I personally would rather guarantee the wound with a Hellfire round and instead force the enemy to make an invulnerable save.

So I guess the jury is still out on his usefulness on the battlefield, as a single game where I conceeded after the third turn obviously isn’t the greatest sample size. I’ll have to run him again in a few games before I decide whether he’ll spend more time on the tabletop or my shelf.


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